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a while back i “organized” (very loose use of the word) a zine showcasing horror fiction and art from people that i knew and it’s done and we’re all really proud of it!

it’s available for free here as a pdf!

i’m printing out copies when i can but the odds of them reaching you are slim, so please read that pdf copy! if you have a double-sided printer, you can even make your own print copy (just print it as a booklet from adobe reader!)

it’s really scary and fun and you should read it

featuring art from the amazing voldkae, heyreallygiger, and slumber-punk!



if you have questions/comments/concerns or you would be interested in maybe submitting to a future volume (gauging interest to see if this will be a yearly happening or whatever), please either send me a message here on tumblr or to



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Anatomy practice (kinda?) but I didn’t how the legs turned out so cropped ‘em out! HAHA
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When it comes to the language of home décor, we’re all about speaking with an accent…in this case we’re talking fab tie-dye patterns that scream fun anywhere you choose to put them. Give some old throw-pillows a throwback makeover with this seventies-inspired print that never goes out of style! 

To create: For a bullseye pattern, pinch top layer of fabric from the center of the pillow cover. Next, wrap a rubber band around every 2 to 4 inches of the fabric, creating sections to block out the dyes and create the pattern. Wearing gloves, mix dyes as directed on the package. Over a sink, squeeze dye onto both sides of the cover, alternating colors on each section. Wring out excess liquid and allow the colors to set for 10 minutes. Use scissors to snip rubber bands. Lay cover flat on paper until dry, then insert a pillow. P.S.- wash pillow covers separately the first few times and don’t allow the dyed fabric to rest wet on other items!

Get down with DIY and a dope playlist
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 P.S.- tie dye nails from chalkboardnails
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DIY Dyed Watermelon Shorts from Boat People here. For roundups of DIY shorts go here.
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DIY Zombie in a Pot
DIY Dip Dye
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DIY NES Coin Purse